What are Sustainable Development Goals?

Raymond Van Neste writes about Sustainable Development Goals and their urgent need in today’s world particularly in relation to teaching….

Answers and future solutions to poverty, inequality and climate change:

Development Goals highlight some of the most vital and urgent needs of today’s world.  They cover a number of urgent issues such as extreme poverty, inequality, education, global warming and climate change pointing to huge needs in countries around the world where urgent needs come up again and again.  Huge continents are currently suffering because of famine, poverty or war.  Millions of people are at the mercy of these terrible occurrences.

A new way of thinking:

It’s as if here in the West, even though I hear on the radio and see images on my television as to what is going on, in fact I have no real idea of what is actually happening in terms of the scale of human loss, injustice, life and death.  It can’t be good to be in an existence where I don’t go hungry and have a bed to sleep and at the same time ignore the plight of millions upon millions of people who need help.




A better world for the future:

Sustainable Development Goals are able to bring to today’s children and young people a new way of perceiving and thinking about the world that we all live in.  The goals offer  subject material for the English Language Classroom and in this way children will be able to learn directly about global human needs relating to cultures and people from around the world.  In this way too, knowing about and having an in depth knowledge, children will be able to manifest an understanding and outlook that will help them on their life journey better able to address urgent development needs now and in the years ahead.

Links for teachers: