A Need to ‘Think Globally’

An article by Raymond Van Neste from his blog: ‘Learn English by Thinking Globally’.  In the article he refers to the United Nations instigation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and their purpose to today’s world. 

The UN has instigated a global education programme which includes not only SDGs but also core ‘global skills’ one of which is the learning and teaching of language.  



A need to ‘think globally’ in today’s world

During the last few years and after several years of research the United Nations have called for today’s young people to start to ‘think globally’.  Education, particularly in schools around the world as well as business requirements globally are related to a new world economy where the needs are now intercultural and based on sustainability and human need.

English language and core skills

Similarly, the learning and teaching of English language has become not only a part of the instigation of the goals around the world but also as one of the actual skills that the UN has called for in terms of communication (core skills) especially in relation to culture, education and new business requirements.
In the past the learning of core skills which includes the learning of a language, has not been seen as a necessary requirement of learning.  For example, in the United Kingdom such skills have been pretty much ignored.  World business leaders, in a recent report, stated that new requirements in the world’s economy in terms of humanity’s needs means that change is inevitable and is already underway at a fast pace.

British Council

As a consequence, recently, since the Global Goals were finally agreed by the member states of the United Nations in 2016, the British Council have very successfully taken-this-up and become a major contributor to the needs of education and business.



17 United Nations Global Goals

There is a total of 17 United Nations Global Goals and each has its own name relating to its own purpose such as to end poverty or to work towards ending inequality or global warming (these are shortened versions of the full titles).  In Raymond Van Neste’s blog all of the Global Goals are looked at one by one so that they can all be reviewed and put into the perspective of one or more English language lessons which covers both grammar and skills.

In addition, the blog includes articles and information which might go toward in some way the educational need for change especially in terms of thinking globally.   Finally, the blog has as its intention the hope that it will help students and teachers or anybody interested in how to go about change in terms of sustainability and need.

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