Past Continuous Verb – lesson 5



What is the Past Continuous Verb?

You can use this verb when you want to talk about an action or event in a story that happened in the past.  It happened in the past and is not happening right now.  Also, at the same time there is another event happening in the story:

This past tense verb is: was / were.  This verb is the past tense of the verb ‘to be’.  Add a main verb with ing.   For example: reading / watching / talking / eating / seeing / playing

Examples: I was playing / she was reading / they were reading / she wasn’t reading (negative) / was she reading? (question).  Were they reading? (question)

Notes: was not (contraction: wasn’t).  Begin a question with: was / were.  For questions use was for a single person and were for more than one person.

Example sentences: I was playing football but it started to rain.

Were you playing today? (use were when you is in the sentence)

They were running away but the monster caught them.

The teacher said that she wasn’t studying today because of the weather.  

The students weren’t succeeding because of lack of resources.


Lesson 5

Theme for the lesson: Global Goal 4 – Quality Education


Vocabulary for the lesson:

Quality…………….how good or bad something is (noun)

Conditions……..something that depends on something else to get done.  The conditions are things that influence your life, work or environment (plural noun)

Conditionally…something that depends on something else to get done (adverb)

Attend…………….to go to a place or an event (verb)

Increase………….to make something bigger or larger (verb)

Additionally…..something extra or added on (adverb)



Please read this story:


This story is a brief look at how quality education is not available to around half of all children around the world. 

Education is important because it contributes to tolerance and peaceful societies.  There is a greater number of children who were attending school but they were lacking in basic skills.

The article on the UN website says that in the past they were not training enough teachers.  It seems that the number of trained teachers in schools wasn’t increasing and this has had a negative effect of the lack of basic skills such as reading, writing and numeracy.

Sub Saharan Africa faces the biggest challenge.  The lack of infrastructure means that about half of the schools there don’t have access to drinking water, electricity or the internet.  Barriers such as war or poverty have not helped the situation.  Another major hurdle is that schools were not providing opportunities or resources particularly in relation to girls.  Also they suffer more than boys because their future and ability to break out of poverty is limited in terms of labour and available opportunities.

The above story is a summary of an article on the United Nations Global Goals development website for Global Goal 4 – Quality Education and Quality Education Why it Matters


Final task:

With your friends see if you can create a sentence of short story about your life or your hobbies.  To do this use: was or were in the story. For example here is some help to get you started:  I remember in the past many people were creating wooden items but they were expensive.  Or: My friends reminded me that one day, a long time ago, I was sitting on the side of the swimming pool and I fell in to the water.

End of Lesson


Next lesson:

The next lesson (lesson 6) will be on Saturday 11th January 2020.  The lesson will be on the Future Continuous Verb and the theme will be about Global Goal 14 – Life Below Water / oceans 


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