Good Health and Well-being


Good Health and Well-Being – A Global Need for Change 


In this short article about good health and well-being Raymond Van Neste writes about the urgent global need for change.

Health and well-being is something that governments and stakeholders need to think carefully about.  It’s necessary to  protect the future generations of people both young and old who will have to live with health systems which are either inadequate or totally underfunded.

An article on the UN’s Sustainable Development Global Goals website about Global Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-being: Why it Matters gives statistics which show that about half of the world’s population don’t have access to adequate health services.  Therefore it could be said that the prospects for the number of people around the world who are not able to access adequate health care facilities are not good.   


Some good news

But a lot of progress had been made during the last twenty years especially in relation to both maternal and child mortality.  Further good news is that the statistics for the recovery from the illness HIV have been gaining momentum over a long period of time, since there had been more commitment to curing that disease.  Also, it could be said that governments have been trying to do more but difficulties such as war and violence within the population had stopped them.


A new global realisation is needed

However, a far greater commitment in terms of funding is needed by governments around the world especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia.  Also, as well as funding, a new realisation is needed because up until now not enough progress had been made.

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Raymond Van Neste  – 11 April 2020

Copyright: Good Health and Well-being – A global Need for Change © Raymond Van Neste.  11 April 2020.  Reference: the above story summarises statistics and facts from two articles on the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals Website for Global Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being and Good Health and Well-being: Why it Matters


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