What is an Adverb? Lesson 17

Theme for this lesson – Global Goal 17: Partnerships for the Sustainable Development goals




Please look at this before doing the lesson: What is an Adverb?

Adverbs are words which modify other words.  They give information about other words (verbs, adjectives or adverbs)  such as: when, where, how or how often something was done.


Lesson 17:

Vocabulary for the lesson:

pandemic………existing in a large area (adjective)

physically……..relates to a person’s body or the way that they look (adverb)

recession………this is where there is a vast loss in a country’s economy which can be related to money (noun)

constantly…….all of the time (adverb)

previously…….before the current time (adverb)



Story –  (read the first three paragraphs):


How Covid-19 has had a terrible impact on human life and the world’s resources


Recently, I met with a friend in a local public park but we had to keep physically distanced because of the requirements of the Covid-19 pandemic.   But despite the difficulties of starting once again to meet people after the lock down in the UK we had a good meeting and discussion about our experiences of avoiding the virus and maintaining good health.

My friend’s name is Susan.   Susan works for a global organisation which does research about different economies around the world.   Susan is a friend of John who I have previously met and described many times since he joined the organisation as a researcher.  I asked Susan about her research and in what way global partnerships can benefit the world in the midst of the pandemic.

It seems that every country around the world has suffered in one way or another because of the pandemic.  The loss of life is the main loss.  After this, there has been a terrible loss in terms of a recession which has already taken away countless millions of jobs and left many people without enough money to feed their families.   Financial resources are constantly needed as part of the battle to maintain and supply needed hospitals and medical supplies not to mention food supplies.  In some countries supplies are needed for the population as well as the front line workers and the people who have become infected by the virus.

Global Goal 17 is a goal which looks at the current situation in regard to the progress of the goals and what action might be needed to ensure progress.  It points to a great need for global cooperation and to sustain a need to overcome some terrible barriers to the goals such as the Covid-19 pandemic.   At the current time many developing countries are in great need of aid to help with the terrible consequences of war, violence, disease, severe poverty and infection.

Many more millions are forcibly displaced around the world (approximately 80 million people) and this number has increased because of the pandemic and associated travel restrictions which have left millions of people stranded and abandoned.   The pandemic has left many countries at a huge loss with not enough money or resources to save lives.  Many developed countries have not fulfilled their pledges to help financially and the result of this is another reason for the lack of funds.   This loss has directly affected the ability of the global agencies such as the UN Refugee Agency to be effective in saving lives.

When all of this is added to the current global recession what is now needed more than ever is a framework for cooperation and willingness for all of the countries around the world to work together not only to overcome the pandemic but to enable progress and the fulfilment of all of the Sustainable Development goals.

How Covid-19 has had a terrible impact on human life and the world’s resources.  1st July 2020.  ©  Raymond Van Neste



Final task: 

Look at the above story and how adverbs can modify other words and meaning.   Try to remember some of the story in relation to the adverbs as a tool for remembering how adverbs work in a sentence.


End of Lesson


Next lesson: 

Verb to be.  A lesson to look at how the verb to be is used in sentences



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