Additions to this blog / Multilingualism / New links

In relation to this blog some of the contributions to the English lessons on the blog will be related to refugees around the world and also will be related to multilingualism which is supported by this blog.  Some of the contributions will include articles and information about campaigns to help refugees globally.  One specific link is Raymond Van Neste’s campaign to help refugees on facebook and instagram (see below).


Being aware of the plight of refugees around the world

In addition to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) this blog is linked to the UNHCR  (The UN Refugee Agency) as well as the Refugee Council UK in respect to refugees around the world.   Below are some links which give specific information about different campaigns where people from around the world are raising awareness and undertaking campaigns to help refugees.  Raymond Van Neste’s campaign is also linked.


The work of the UNHCR and other agencies

The UNHCR and the Refugee Council work alongside several other global agencies such as the Red Cross, Medecins San Frontieres (MSF) and the World Food Programme (WFP), who work continuously to help refugees.  These and other global agencies help refugees  no matter where they are from and no matter what are their circumstances and this is relevant particularly now at this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.



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Facebook link: 

Facebook campaign for refugees: World Refugees Campaign for Help: Raymond Van Neste’s campaign to raise awareness of the needs of refugees during the covid-19 pandemic.