Raymond Van Neste

Raymond Van Neste is an ESL English language teacher who is qualified to teach people who speak different languages.   In 2016, he qualified with a CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) qualification in the United Kingdom.   He also has a masters degree from the University of London.

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Purpose of this blog?

The Learn English with Raymond Van Neste Blog looks at the United Nations Global Goals (SDGs) and presents them in the form of English language lessons or articles.  The blog’s purpose is to help anybody who wants to learn English.  No matter if you are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level this blog will help you to grasp related grammar as well as the four skills of reading / listening / speaking / writing.

All English lessons and articles on this blog are published on the English with Raymond page     Also, the blog looks in detail at some of the events and situations around the world which are connected in some way to the United Nations Global Goals.  Therefore, the blog is also a resource for anybody who would like to find information about sustainability and human need  /  global needs.

ما الذي يجعل هذه المدونة خاصة هي دروس اللغة الإنجليزية الأساسية. هذه طريقة فعالة جدًا لتعلم اللغة الإنجليزية. إنه لجميع متعلمي اللغة الإنجليزية من المبتدئين إلى المتقدمين.

Lo que hace que este blog sea especial son las lecciones básicas de inglés. Esta es una manera muy efectiva para aprender inglés. Es para todos los estudiantes de inglés, desde principiantes hasta avanzados.


Recent Additions to this blog / Multilingualism / New links

In relation to this blog some of the contributions to the English lessons on the blog will be related to refugees around the world and also will be related to multilingualism which is supported by this blog.  Some of the contributions will include articles and information about campaigns to help refugees globally.

One specific link is Raymond Van Neste’s campaign to help refugees on facebook and instagram.  Please see the Refugees page Links page and Events page on this blog for a full list of links and information.

English Grammar – LIVE – page on facebook connected to this blog:

English Grammar – LIVE

Global Goals?

Please go to the UN Global Goals page on this blog

A complete list of the goals 



Free resources on this blog

In addition the blog’s purpose is to highlight some of the world’s urgent needs and can be used simply as a source of information.  Resources are free.

Welcome to the Learn English with Raymond Van Neste blog

9 March 2021


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